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The typical lawsuit against a bank usually puts the plaintiff at a disadvantage. Banks routinely hire lawyers who are experts in the defense of banking cases. They know the relevant banking laws and regulations, they understand customary banking practices and have years of experience along with a stockpile of pleadings, briefs and discovery requests designed to make short work of an unprepared lawyer.

For example, bringing a forged or counterfeit check case against a major bank can be a daunting challenge for many attorneys. The relevant case law and statutes are extremely important – with short statutes of limitations and other pitfalls. Yet relatively few lawyers are well-versed in Articles 3 and 4 of the Uniform Commercial Code and Federal Reserve Regulations J and CC. Up against a knowledgeable seasoned attorney who regularly defends banks in these types of cases, counsel for the plaintiff is often at a significant disadvantage.

Mr. Kreig has many years of experience in representing both large and small banks in forged and counterfeit check litigation and litigation involving consumer loans. This experience can be very helpful in prosecuting a case against a major bank. The following services are available:

  • Case Analysis – Review the available facts, documents and other information and identify breaches of deposit agreements, departures by the bank from reasonable commercial standards, and violations of statutory or regulatory requirements.
  • Litigation Strategy – Assist in the development of a fact-sensitive litigation strategy, including recommending causes of action, additional parties to be joined and possible settlement alternatives.
  • Discovery Plan – Assist in the preparation of focused, banking-specific interrogatories and document requests designed to obtain the documents and information most helpful to the client’s case.
  • Document Review – Review documents produced by the bank to determine if the documents are complete and responsive to the requests.
  • Deposition Preparation – Prepare counsel to take the depositions of bank employees; create deposition questions and/or outlines.
  • Fact Witness Preparation – Assist counsel in preparing fact witnesses for deposition and testimony at trial.
  • Expert Witness – Act as an expert witness and/or assist counsel in locating experts in other fields to assist in the presentation of the case e.g. forensic accounting, employment, etc.
  • Deposition of Opposing Experts – Prepare counsel to depose the opposing experts; identify areas and questions.
  • Trial Strategy – Recommend possible trial strategies to provide a factually understandable and compelling story for the jury or the judge.